Arshad Rana is a seasoned banking management professional with over 20 years of expertise with leading banks and financial institutions and The Credit Zone’s most valuable strategic asset. With extensive experience in developed markets such as Australia and America, and developing markets such as UAE, Arshad Rana is second to none when it comes to market knowledge and rapid adaptability.He has gathered a vast ocean of expertise in numerous fields over the years including, but not limited to Retail Banking, Sales Management, Strategic Development, Product Management, Business Development, Mortgages, Finance, Credit and Money Management, and Risk & Portfolio Management. He is recognized throughout the world as a dynamic business and banking leader who inspires not only the team at The Credit Zone, but countless banking executives and managers who aspire to greatness.

Our CEO has worked for leading banks and financial institutions in the UAE, holding top management positions in banks such as EmiratesNBD, Noor Bank and Abu Dhabi Finance with a proven track record of achieving business results within a host of segments with excellent customer service delivery, regardless of deadlines.

He has been a key note speaker in many forums and has been a prominent spokesperson for the banks he has worked with. His articles and interviews have been published time and again in leading newspapers and e-papers including, but not limited to Khaleej Times, GN Property, Gulf News and CPI Financial

With a repertoire of invaluable skills, a legacy of proven success, and a heart that beats proudly and loudly for his clients, The Credit Zone is proud to have Arshad Rana leading the way and leverage on his vast network within the banking fraternity of the UAE.