Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to transfer my salary to take a mortgage in UAE?

No, not necessarily. While some banks will give you an option of lower interest rate if you
transfer your salary to them, it is not mandatory.

I do not live in UAE, can I still get a mortgage?

Absolutely. The UAE banks offer a wide range of mortgage solutions to the non-residents of
UAE. Your income from your home country or from the country of your residence will be
considered for a home loan in UAE.

Can I get a mortgage if the property is in multiple names?

Yes, you can. If the property is in more than 1 name, the mortgage can still be taken.

I am new in UAE; can I get a mortgage?

As long as your employer can confirm in writing that you are a permanent employee (not on
probation) you can apply for a mortgage in UAE.

How long do I have to wait to get a mortgage if I am a new businessman in UAE?

Usually one year. You must complete one year in UAE, as a businessman, to apply for a

Why use Credit Zone services and not approach your local UAE based bank?

We are partners with almost all UAE banks. Your bank may not offer you the best mortgage
product, however, if you use our services, we will offer you multiple options to chose from. We
ensure that you not only get the best interest rate but we also make sure that you get your
mortgage without any hassle and extra cost, which is usually hidden in the fine prints.
We work as a one stop shop from arranging your mortgage to transfer of the property title in
your name. We hand-hold you throughout the process and handle all stakeholders (you, the
bank, real estate agent and all government departments) on your behalf.

Who is the best mortgage provider in UAE?

This depends on your requirement. All partner banks have their unique selling points. We
present you the top three options to you. Some banks are good in off-plan properties and some
are good for a project. There is no clear winner in terms of best mortgage. We understand your
requirement and give you multiple options.

Can I take a pre-approved mortgage from a bank before I select a property to Buy?

Yes, we highly recommend it. It is always better to secure a pre-approval from a bank before
finalizing a property. This helps you to stay within your mortgage budget and upfront know
your obligations and budgets.

How long does it take to get a mortgage in UAE?

This depends on your profile. Generally, a salaried customer can get a bank approval within 3
working days and a self-employed person will take 7 working days to get a bank approval.

I am not happy with my current mortgage; can I move your mortgage to a new bank?

Yes, you can. We help you get all the necessary approvals and give you full cost of moving your
mortgage before you commit yourself to move your existing mortgage.

Can I take cash against my existing mortgage?

Yes, you can, however, it depends on the current market value of your property and your
existing loan outstanding with the bank. We can help you do all these calculations.

Can I take a mortgage against a commercial property?

Yes, you can. UAE banks offer a wide range of mortgage solutions for commercial properties.
This includes offices, showrooms, shops, warehouses, factories and labor camps.

Can you take my future rental income as income proof to make me eligible for a loan?

Yes, we can manage it. We can let the bank consider future rental income from a property to
make you eligible for a loan.

I have just changed my job, can I get a mortgage?

Yes, you can. If we can provide a clarification of your transition from one job to another, we can
get you a loan.

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